Eva is a long-time lead auditor for several ISO standards. She has over 18 years of experience working in information systems auditing, cyber security, risk and governance and compliance. She started her career with the information security standard at the time, BS 7799-2. Step by step she added to its list other standards in the field of business continuity, service management, personal data protection and quality. Last but not least, she recertified as a cyber security auditor during this period. She founded her own company IQ ideas, s.r.o. and during her career she helped to implement information security and personal data protection requirements for several organizations in various sectors of economic activities. As she says, an auditor who has not sat in a consultant’s chair cannot sufficiently realize the depth and diversity of the application of the standards‘ requirements in everyday practice. In the field of accreditation of international standards, she works as a quality manager, that is, she ensures the implementation and maintenance of accreditation rules set at the international level.

Due to her work, Eva has the opportunity to look at the implementation and certification of international standards from several levels, as an expert for the SNAS accreditation body, an approved certification lead auditor for several ISO standards, a certified cyber security auditor, a consultant and a trainer in these areas.